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Arlen Viste retirement event April 2002

Arlen Viste

retirement event

April 2002

(0.6 MB pdf)

Augustana College (SD)
Chemistry faculty member 1964-2002
Professor Emeritus 2002 -

Betty and Arlen Viste 2007

Betty and Arlen Viste
Sept 2007 at a family reunion
Estes Park, CO

Visualizing Electrons
in Atoms and Molecules

presented by Arlen Viste

in honor of
Prof. Milton P. Hanson
on the occasion of his retirement

17 April 2004

PowerPoint version (1.8 MB)
Pdf version (2.5 MB)

Milton P. Hanson
Milton P. Hanson
Augustana College (SD)
Chemistry faculty member 1964-2004
Professor Emeritus 2004 -


Exploring Chemsoft Software

Ernst J. Schumacher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
University of Berne, Freiestrasse 3, CH-3012 Berne, Switzerland and
Arlen Viste, Department of Chemistry,
Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD 57197

Powerpoint presentation
Pdf version from Powerpoint

Presented at the 228th national meeting of the American Chemical Society
Philadelphia, PA
25 August 2004
as part of Molecular Modeling on an Undergraduate Budget
- A Symposium in Memory of Prof. Wayne P. Anderson
CHED 254
Organizer: James B. Foresman
All presentations in the symposium

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