Augustana College (SD)

Department of Chemistry


Raman Spectroscopy
The Rest of the Vibrations

Ocean Optics
Program B Grant Project
Award Date 12 Aug 1999

Raman/IR Lab Experiment
for Organic Chemistry II

Raman/IR Lab Experiment
and Computational Project
for Physical and Quantum Chemistry

Using Raman/IR Utility Software

Raman2Jdx.exe Converts Ocean Optics *.ram file
to JCAMP-DX Jdx format

JdxView.exe Facilitates Viewing *.jdx files

Raman spectroscopy in Chem 302, Physical Chemistry II, Spring 2000

Raman spectroscopy in Chem 381, Quantum Chemistry, Spring 2000
Lab Group 1
Lab Group 2

Operating Instructions for the Ocean Optics R2000 Raman Spectrometer

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